Conversation Classes
Conversation Classes
ENGLISH in TOWN Private Tuition English as a Foreign Language
ENGLISH in TOWNPrivate TuitionEnglish as a Foreign Language

Are you trying to improve your English speaking and listening skills? Are you too busy to join a course?

ENGLISH Conversation Classes with a CELTA Tutor via Skype in the comfort of your Home

Qualified and Experienced CELTA Tutor / Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

CV building and format & general translation work


ENGLISH in TOWN provides interactive private tuition with a CELTA qualified and experienced EFL/ESOL tutor via Skype to improve your language communication skills and become more confident when speaking English.

Themed conversations aimed to improve your speaking and listening skills.
Speaking activities, debates and discussions in relation to students' needs.

We can help you to format your CV and make it more appealing to potential employers.


General translation work.



  • Vocabulary building
  • Phonetic sounds and pronunciation practice
  • Grammar check
  • Use of idioms and social expressions
  • Building and improving individual fluency


one to one


small group


Please contact us

by email

to discuss your English language needs

and book a 

FREE sample-lesson.


 "Become a more confident speaker in English"



You may have studied English at school but like many others, never had enough time to practice your speaking and listening skills.  If you feel that your vocabulary, grammar and language fluency really need to improve,


will help you with a variety of conversation topics to work on your language level while you are comfortably sitting

at home, in your office or any other quiet place you may want to be.

It could even be 15 minutes a day!

Simply book your lesson at a time that suits you, log in and

start actively working on your conversation skills!!

LONDON United Kingdom

Time zone / GMT Greenwich Mean Time (UTC + 00)

Currency / GBP Great British Pound